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The hand, like the voice, links common words with a unique body, and that body with some specific moment, attempts to anchor meaning, and this unfurling mystery.

stephanie christie

If we had chosen instead to measure a superposition, then that photon would have a different history for the last 14 billion years. Our choice today determines billions of years of history.

But there is another way to explain our consensus: we all construct our icons in similar ways. As members of one species, we share an interface (which varies a bit from person to person). Whatever reality might be, when we interact with it we all construct similar icons, because we all have similar needs, and similar methods for acquiring fitness payoffs. This is the reason we each construct our own cube, but in much the same way as everybody else.

The cube I see is distinct from the cube you see. I may see cube A at the same time you see cube B. There is no need to posit a real cube that everyone sees, and that exists when no one observes.

donald hoffman

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