from ‘Strike-thru’

not enough words
	     for the subtleties of cloud
and every day
	     it’s put upon you to fail
in the face of it	     & Ezzy P
	    prodding ‘do not surrender perception’

& Pasolini, murdered with his own car
	    is still reading to Pound
Pisan Canto 81 in Italiano
				                  & sudden memory of
	    a Greek shop-owner said he longed to
return home ‘to sit outside in the evening with
fresh bread and a decent olive oil, and decent olives
and a glass of local wine, among compatriots, never
to speak another word in English again’— 
	     ἐδιζησάμην ἐμεωυτόν
	     ‘I searched for myself’
		          and did and did not
			               find it here

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